“COCOSHIGA” You can experience the charms of Shiga Prefecture, home to Japan’s largest lake!

Do you know that Shiga Prefecture is home to Japan's largest freshwater lake, Lake Biwa?

Shiga Prefecture is located almost in the center of Japan and is rich in natural tourist resources such as lush green mountains and historic temples. You can also enjoy delicious food such as Omi beef and fish from Lake Biwa.

A spot called "COCOSHIGA" is located in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, and is a place where the charms of Shiga Prefecture are introduced to the rest of the country. Speaking of Shiga Prefecture! Here are some of the best things to do in Shiga Prefecture from "COCOSHIGA".

Shigaraki Ware Tanuki

Shigaraki-ware tanuki, a traditional craft, is a well-known good-luck charm in Japan.

Because of its auspiciousness as a prosperous business, they are given as gifts for celebrations of good fortune such as opening a new shop or moving into a new place, or purchased for home use. In Japan, tanuki are often placed at the entrances of restaurants and other stores, and of course, a large tanuki is waiting for you at the entrance of "COCOSHIGA". There are also pastel-colored tanuki that fit in with various places. Would you like to buy one for your home?

If you drink Japanese tea, you should definitely drink it in a kyusu (teapot)!

In Japan, there is a Japanese-style teapot for drinking Japanese tea called a kyusu.

Teapots used for drinking tea are taller and have a wider interior for extracting tea leaves and storing the finished tea.

However, kyusu teapots are shorter in height and smaller in size. The reason for this is that Japanese tea leaves extract astringency over time, making it unsuitable for storage. The best way to drink Japanese tea is to serve it once it has been infused. Another unique feature of kyusu is that the handle is attached to the side. It is also excellent in terms of ease of holding and pouring.

Among kyusu, which are common in Japan, the "air kyusu" sold here in Shiga is especially recommended.

It is made of the same material used for baby bottles, so it is not hot to the touch, lightweight, and will not break even if dropped. And because it is transparent, it can be used side by side with Western tableware without discomfort.

We also sell many delicious teas from Shiga Prefecture here at "COCOSHIGA", and we encourage you to purchase this teapot and tea ensure that your tea purchase tastes as good as you drink it.

You can even compare drinks at the bar! Find your favorite sake!

Shiga Prefecture, rich in nature, produces a wide variety of sake, along with high-quality rice and water.

 At the bar space on the first floor, you can compare and find the sake of your choice.

 There are also many snacks made with ingredients from Shiga Prefecture. It is also a perfect place for a light meal during your hotel stay.

 If you feel like a meal, we recommend the restaurant on the second floor where you can enjoy Omi beef.

 Other Shiga Prefecture items include fashion items made of a comfortable material called Takashima chijimi, cups with a motif of ayu (sweetfish) in Lake Biwa, and many other items of Shiga Prefecture.

 If you are interested in Shiga Prefecture more, you can also get various kinds of tourist information, so please ask the store staff for more information.

Address 2-7-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Transportation By train:
Short walk from Exit B6 and B8 of Nihonbashi Station on Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines.
Six-minute walk from Yaesu North Exit of JR Tokyo Station
Official website https://cocoshiga.jp/about-en