A place at Haneda Airport where you can encounter the uniqueness of Japan

"The bridge is made of Japanese cypress and is based on the Nihonbashi bridge that was built in 1603 in Tokyo's Chuo Ward.

It is located on the 4th floor of the Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Departure Area, and you can take the stairs or elevator up to the bridge.

The bridge within the modern design of the terminal building, giving you a sense of Japan just by visiting.

On one side of the bridge is a wall displaying a huge replica of the "Edo Screen.

It depicts the major towns of the Edo period, many of which still exist today, such as the Nihonbashi, Shinbashi, and Tsukiji areas of Tokyo.

Pamphlets in Japanese and English are available, and you can also enjoy the exhibition in multiple languages by reading the QR codes on the wall with your smartphone. (The languages used are Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.

Underneath Haneda Nihonbashi, there are restaurants and souvenir stores called "Edo-koji" in the streets that recreate the Edo period.

In the center of the building is the Edo Stage, where Japanese culture is presented through seasonal decorations and events.

Please enjoy this spot that recreates the Nihonbashi area of Tokyo in the Edo period.

It is currently in irregular operation.

Place Tokyo International Airport (HANEDA Airport Terminal 3), 4th floor
Official website https://tokyo-haneda.com/en/