Hakone yosegi-zaiku: Experience a woodwork warmth and tradition with crafts

What is Hakone yosegi-zaiku?

Hakone yosegi-zaiku is the traditional Japanese marquetry technique which originated 200 years ago in the hot spring city of Hakone, Kanagawa. It is a craft that arranges the colors of wood to create different geometric patterns. These traditional patterned works are popular worldwide and in Japan as they easily get incorporated into modern life.

The charm of Hakone yosegi-zaiku

Hakone yosegi-zaiku woodwork is characterized by the elegant geometric patterns made from arranging different grains, colours and textures of wood. It is a wonderful technique that showcases the subtlety and elaborateness of Japanese crafts by hand.

There are more than 100 different types of patterns, with many traditional motifs. Recently, some of these patterns have gained popularity thanks to the characters in the Japanese anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba”  – you’ve probably seen it yourself!

Some examples of products that can take advantage of the Hakone yosegi-zaiku designs are trays, sweets bowls, coasters, tissue boxes and other items used in daily life.

Read below to learn more about Maruyama Bussan’s Hakone yosegi-zaiku, which makes modern and fashionable products, creating a warmth of wood.

Trick Box

A trick box is a representative craft of Hakone yosegi-zaiku. It can only be opened using a particular combination of moves. The more times you slide the box, the more difficult it becomes to open, with some boxes requiring as few as four slides and some requiring as many as 72 slides.

A trick box is a popular traditional craft with beautiful geometric patterns and a playful spirit, making it a perfect gift. For more information about trick boxes, please watch this video.

Photo frame

This photo frame safely keeps your precious memories between its transparent panels. Perfect for displaying your photos made during your trip to Japan.


Light coasters make great souvenirs. They come in a wide variety of shapes and patterns – it is really fun to choose one!

There are also pen holders, straps, earrings, and many other miscellaneous goods available.

About Maruyama Bussan, Yosegi-zaiku Specialty Store

Maruyama Bussan is a store selling various yosegi-zaiku products, from daily life items like chopsticks and tea caddies, to miscellaneous goods that can be used across the globe. Don’t hesitate to drop by if you are visiting Hakone city in Kanagawa Prefecture!

Online shopping is also possible.

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