Unusual items available from the vending machines at Haneda Nihonbashi

Two unusual vending machines are set up in the "Festival Plaza" located across the Haneda Nihonbashi Bridge at Haneda Airport Terminal 3.

The first is a wooden ticket. The first was a wooden ticket with a design that resembled a first class ticket.

Everyone writes their wishes on them and attaches them to the wall next to the vending machine. Why don't you write your wish as a memento of your visit to Haneda Airport?

The second is a Kutani-yaki vending machine.

Kutani-yaki is a traditional Japanese pottery. There are many kinds, from practical items such as hair bands to small, cute figurines.

How about buying some as a souvenir of Japan?

The items on sale may be changed from time to time.

Place Tokyo International Airport (HANEDA Airport Terminal 3), 5th floor
Official website https://tokyo-haneda.com/en/