KAMA-ASA, a shop where you can find the perfect kitchen knives for you

Japanese knives are very popular Japan-made tools as souvenirs in recent years because of their design and functionality. They are also sustainable tools that can be used for a long time with proper care.

If you are buying knives in Japan, why not choose one that suits you and can be used for a long time?

We would like to introduce you to KAMA-ASA, a shop dedicated to the feelings of its customers.


KAMA-ASA is a long-established cookware shop, founded in 1908.

In 2018, it also opened its own shop in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, which is loved by people from many different countries.

In Japan, KAMA-ASA has two stores, the “Kitchen Tool Section” and the “Kitchen Knife Section” located next to each other, in the Kappabashi shopping street in Asakusa, Tokyo.

From professional chefs to foreign tourists, various people come to the shops to buy quality cookware.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to the knives available at KAMA-ASA.

Find your perfect knife from nearly 1,000 knives in about 60 different styles

KAMA-ASA selects knives from diverse production area in Japan;

Sakai city in Osaka prefecture is famous for the production of Japanese-style knives, while Seki city in Gifu prefecture boasts top production volume of knives in general.  Echizen city in Fukui prefecture is also prominent in the production of knives with its roots in the production of sickles.

There is also Niigata Prefecture, widely known for the production of stainless products, and Tosa-Yamada in Kochi Prefecture, known for its traditional forging industry.

The knives made in different regions of Japan are nicely displayed in the shop.

Types of knives

KAMA-ASA has the following range of knives.

Japanese Style Knife

Japanese style knives have been developed with the history and technique of traditional Japanese food.

The main feature of these knives is that they can be used for different types of food and cooking methods, such as for cutting fish, vegetables or sashimi.

Western Style Knife

Western style knives spread in Japan with the arrival of western cuisine are “double-edged”, and suitable for cutting fast evenly.

They are called all-purpose knives, and many of them can be used for multiple purposes such as cutting, peeling and chopping.

Other Knife

There is also a wide range of knives, such as for cutting noodles, Chinese ingredients, salmon and ham.

In addition to the knives themselves, you will find all the tools related to knives. For example, whetstones for sharpening knives, *cases for carrying knives,* *soft chopping boards which are gentler to knives, and aprons designed for knife sharpening.

Why do we recommend KAMA-ASA knives?

You can try out the knives as if you were actually using them at home

The large tables in the shop are actually made from a chopping board.

You can try out the knives you are interested in on these tables.

You can choose the knife that best suits your handedness, or you can compare the thickness and shape of the different knives to find the one that is suitable for you best.

English and French speaking staff

They have English and French speaking staff in the shop.

You can consult them and choose the knife of your choice without compromise.

*Please contact the shop in advance if you need assistance in a foreign language, as staff may not be available.

Name engraving service for free

There is a name engraving service for purchasers.

We recommend that you have your name engraved on it to commemorate your purchase.

Knives have the meaning of “opening up the future” and are something that is treated as sacred.

How about giving your loved one a knife with their name in kanji or katakana?

Even if you buy the knife for yourself, you will love it by putting your name on it.

*If there are no staff available to engrave your name on the day, you may need to wait a few more days.

Have great memories with something you use everyday

The staff of KAMA-ASA are not only selling knives.

Not only do they know the features and functions of each knife, but they also pay attention to the background of where and how the knives are made.

Their customer service conveys their feeling that they hope their tools will be loved and used for a long time by their customers.

You can also ask them about maintenance of the tools, so you don’t have to worry after taking it home.

This time we introduced mainly their “Kitchen Knife Section“, but if you go to the shop in Kappabashi, please visit “Kitchen Tool Section” next door.

The shop we introduced:

Shop KAMA-ASA Kitchen Knife Section
Address 2-24-1 Matsugaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0036
Official website http://www.kama-asa.co.jp/en/