Musashino Reiwa Shrine: a Cool Japan Shrine designed by  Kengo Kuma

Tokorozawa Sakura Town is a 10-minute walk from JR Musashino Line Higashi-Tokorozawa Stati on in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture. In that corner, Musashino Reiwa Shrine is located.

About Musashino Reiwa Shrine

Musashino Reiwa Shrine offers wishes for the safety and prosperity of the projects taking place in Tokorozawa Sakura Town and serves as an organic link between each of them. The shrine serves as (1) a place of prayer, (2) a place of rest, and (3) a place of liveliness in the facility.

Amaterasu Omikami (Sun Goddess) and Susanoo-no-Mikoto (younger brother to Amaterasu) are enshrined at this shrine.

The two deities are collectively called “Kotodama-no-Okami”.

“Kotodama-no-Okami” refers to the Miitsu (divine glory) in the expression of content such as literature, art and performing art.

Poetry, novels, music, painting, film, theater, animation, comics and games…

Kotodama-no-Okami is the name given to the divine authority that resides in all content, from academic to entertainment, from high culture to pop culture created in Japan.

Shrine Architecture

Musashino Reiwa Shrine was designed under the supervision of architect Kengo Kuma.

While following the architectural style of traditional shrines, the building is a fusion of the archaic and the modern, with the symbolic components of Shinto, such as the metal Torii gate, a modern building material.

Guide to the Precincts


At either end of the shrine are komainu (guardian dogs) modeled on Japanese wolves.

These were created by sculptor Yoshimasa Tsuchiya.

Looking up at the ceiling, you can see a large, gorgeous painting of a phoenix, which is also the logo of KADOKAWA. This ceiling painting was created by Yoshitaka Amano, a well-known character designer for the FINAL FANTASY series.

Usually not allowed inside the shrine, but can be fully viewed from outside through glass windows. Prayer recipients are allowed to walk in the shrine  after praying.


“Katashiro” are paper dolls used to transfer sins and dirt in their place.

Flushing Katashiro with water removes various stains.

Many shrines use katashiro only twice a year, during summer and winter festivals, but at the Musashino Reiwa Shrine you can experience katashiro-nagashi for yourself all year round.

When you come to visit a shrine, clear and fresh your mind with the katashiro-nagashi.


Musashino Reiwa Shrine offers unique amulets.


This is the perfect amulet for people who always finish their work or studies just before a deadline.

The words TIME LIMIT and “〆” meaning deadline in Japanese are eye-catching.

This is a unique amulet for a shrine that supports all those involved in creation.

It may also help to ward off mishaps… where deadlines cannot be met due to a variety of external factors.

The cute amulet with a cherry blossom design is a prayer for the health and traffic safety of pets.

Other amulets are also available, such as the “Artistic Improvement Amulet”, which is an amulet for improving one’s skills, so choose the one that suits you best.

Goshuin (Sacred Stamp)

Many people look forward to Goshuin when visiting a shrine.

The Goshuin at Musashino Reiwa Shrine are designed differently according to the season or event.

When visiting the shrine, it may be a good idea to check out the Goshuin that are only available at that time of year.

The wooden Goshuin books are also very gorgeous and beautiful.


There are many types of ema, including the Amabie design by Yoshitaka Amano, who painted the phoenixes on the shrine ceiling.

There is also an ema hanging place at the shrine, where you are welcome to write down your wishes and dedicate an ema.

Musashino Reiwa Shrine is also the first spot of “Anime Tourism 88” and is well known as a sacred place for anime.

This is definitely a must-check out spot for anime fans.

Location Musashino Reiwa Shrine
Address 3-31-3, Higashi-Tokorozawa Wada, Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Transportation By train:
10 minutes walk from JR Higashi-Tokorozawa Station
Official website