THE COVER NIPPON, a place where you can see beautiful handicrafts from all over Japan

Are you wondering what Japanese souvenirs will help spark a wonderful memory of your trip to Japan?

If you’re anything like me, you will enjoy scouting out the shop on the 3rd floor of Tokyo Midtown, a commercial facility in Roppongi, Tokyo.

It is THE COVER NIPPON, a pioneer of Made in Japan craft stores which sells items ranging from traditional crafts and specialty products from all over Japan to daily necessities.


Have you ever heard about Noshi paper? In Japanese culture, noshi is a decorative element attached to gifts to express good wishes.

THE COVER in THE COVER NIPPON has the same meaning as Noshi paper.

As the name implies, this shop warmly embraces Japan through a variety of hearty essential things made by Japanese craftsmen, and staff members providing excellent customer service.

Rather than just purchasing a product, you will get a favourite item, along with a fascinating backstory provided by a knowledgeable staff member. (Some staff can speak foreign languages.)

THE COVER NIPPON does not only sell Made in Japan products, but also conveys customers’ feedback to makers, bridging them together, to ensure that Japanese traditions and techniques remain strong.

Selected products

Once entered the store, you will encounter various items on display, from daily necessities and antiques to sake and tea.

Let’s look through the list of the popular products.

First is Maneki-neko 【the beckoning cat】.

Maneki-neko with its paw raised in the inviting pose is believed to bring good luck since ancient times.

It is frequently found sitting near the entrance of homes and shops, with its right hand bringing good luck with money and left one helps business strive.

Maneki-neko sold at THE COVER NIPPON is made from the traditional porcelain Kutani-yaki, originated in Ishikawa prefecture.

This Maneki-neko is a special type of Maneki-neko drawn with the five vivid colors and a gold color, in the technique called Kutani Gosai. Since the craftsman has painted each pattern one by one, there are no two cats exactly alike.

Since it is a good-luck charm, it is also recommended to place it in your home as an interior decoration.

The store boasts a wide variety of tableware for sale. It is subject to change depending on the season, but generally you can find a range of Japanese lacquerware, ceramics, glassware and items made from wood and bamboo.

When choosing handicrafts made by Japanese artisans, you will find some unique differences even on the items with the same pattern. A plate made from the same wood may have a completely different texture, so have fun finding your favorite piece.

On top of that, there are many other products made by Japanese craftsmen such as dyed goods and umbrellas.

Wrap it up

Have you heard about Furoshiki, a Japanese practice of using cloth to wrap items and carry them around?

Everywhere in the world, plastic bags have been abolished to reduce the environmental impact.

THE COVER NIPPON has a wide variety of Furoshiki, used as wrapping materials for important gifts.

Some Japanese use a large Furoshiki as an eco-bag.

Furoshiki can be whatever you need it to be, depending on its wrapping style. It is made with unique Japanese patterns and materials, and has also become an alternative to souvenir and holiday gift-wrapping.


Once entered the THE COVER NIPPON store, you'll be fascinated by the numerous products on display, both traditional and modern.

Please check its website to learn about occasional events and workshops.

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