CUPNOODLES MUSEUM YOKOHAMA – Learn and Experience the History of World’s First Instant Noodles which Revolutionized Our Food Culture

CUPNOODLES MUSEUM YOKOHAMA – Learn and Experience the History of World’s First Instant Noodles which Revolutionized Our Food Culture

Did you know that “Chicken Ramen” and “CUPNOODLES'' were invent in Japan?

Japan's invention of instant ramen has brought about a major evolution in our diet.

The CUPNOODLES MUSEUM YOKOHAMA is interactive food education museum where visitors can enjoy learning about the invention of instant noodles through a variety of exhibits and experiences. It is located in Minato-mirai, Yokohama, a popular city close to Tokyo.

What kind of place is the CUPNOODLES MUSEUM YOKOHAMA?

Momofuku Ando, the founder of Nissin Food Products, invented the world’s first instant noodles“Chicken Ramen”in 1958 and the first“CUPNOODLES” in 1971, also invented the space food“Space Ram”in 2005 and has influenced global food culture.

He is well known in Japan, having been the model for a TV drama series.

At CUPNOODLES MUSEUM YOKOHAMA, you can experience the ‘creative thinking’ behind Momofuku Ando’s inventions. *Free admission for high school students and younger.

The museum has a multilingual “audio guide app”for smartphones, so that non-Japanese speakers enjoy the museum too! In this article, we will take a closer look at the CUPNOODLES MUSEUM YOKOHAMA, which can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Instant Noodles History Cube

Once inside the museum, take a stroll through the Instant Noodles History Cube.

From products sold in the past to those available today, instant noodles packages from all over the world are displayed in chronological order.

You can look at the wide variety of packages, tell your friends what you have ever eaten or find a product from the year you were born and take a photo of it…there are many ways to enjoy it.

Next to the History Cube is the Momofuku Theater, where you can watch a CG animation of the life of Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant noodles.

The animation is in Japanese, but the movements are very cute and will enhance your understanding of the exhibition that follows.

(Foreign language translations are available on the audio guide app.)

Momofuku’s Work Shed

This is a recreation of Momofuku Ando’s work shed where Chicken Ramen was invented.

As you approach the tempura pot, you can see the noodles being fried inside.

It is also fun to see the recreation of props from the period, such as noodle-making machines and memos.

This little shed shows that with an idea, you can create a world-class invention even without a large place or equipment.

*It is currently not possible to enter the shed.

The Momofuku Ando Story and Creative Thinking Boxes

A very interesting part of the museum is the exhibition of Momofuku Ando’s life and the Creative Thinking Boxes. Here, Momofuku’s six key ideas, which are the starting point of his creativity, are displayed in the various art forms.

Six key ideas in the boxes;

1. Discover something completely new

    Seek things that the world has never seen but would be nice to have.

2. Find hints in all sorts of place

    There are inspirations that spark new ideas all around you just waiting to be found.

3. Nurturing an idea

    An invention isn’t for just one person; have everyone use it.

4. Look at things from every angle

   Investigate every perspective.

5. Don’t just go with the status quo

    Question those things in life considered the usual way of doing things.

6. Never give up

    Even if you fail the first time and the second time, keep on trying. These are the ideas that give an insight into Momofuku’s creative process.

Momofuku Ando dedicated his entire life to generating new ideas, never losing his curiosity and creative thinking until his death in 2007 at the age of 96.

Through the exhibition, his story of never giving up and continuing to try will touch your heart.

The exhibition is partly written in English, with illustrations at a height appropriate for children for easy understanding.

“Maybe I can do something!” This exhibition will have a positive impact on everyone, regardless of age, and should definitely be seen by all.


* Numbered tickets are required for this attraction.

Numbered tickets are required.

Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information, please click here.

Experience the My CUPNOODLES Factory, where you can make your own completely original CUPNOODLES packages by designing your own cup and selecting your favorite soup and toppings.

For the cup that you design, select your favorite soup as well as toppings from many varieties.

The best recommendation is “Hiyoko-chan fish cakes” which are not included in commercial CUPNOODLES and can give a special feeling to your own packages.

It is an inspiring moment to see the process of making CUPNOODLES being created in front of your eyes, which you learnt about in the exhibition.

Your finished CUPNOODLES can be taken home in an air package.

There is also a Chicken Ramen Factory, where visitors can make their own Chicken Ramen by hand.

(The operation is currently suspended. Please check the official website for the latest information).


On the fourth floor is NOODLES BAZAAR – WORLD NOODLES ROAD – where you can taste noodle dishes from eight countries in a place inspired by an Asian night market.

As well as enjoying your meal, there is a dessert you must try.

It is CUPNOODLES soft ice cream!

Simply put, it is CUPNOODLSE (regular) flavored soft ice cream.

​​The CUPNOODLES package contains thin soft ice cream that looks like real noodles and the toppings are the same as the ingredients used in CUPNOODLES.

It is sweet, salty and delicious with a very unique taste.

You can only eat at “NOODLES BAZAAR  – WORLD NOODLES ROAD – “, so why not try this taste!

There is a terrace in front of NOODLES BAZAAR overlooking the Yokohama Sea. Drop in when the weather is nice.

Museum Shop

After enjoying the museum, why not shop in the museum shop?

Small magnets and CUPNOODLES would make great souvenirs.

When you get back to your hotel or home, think back to the museum while eating your “My CUPNOODLES”!

Address 2-3-4 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0001 Japan
Transportation By train:
Minatomirai line
8 minute walk from the Minatomirai line Minatomirai Station
8 minute walk from the Minatomirai line Bashamichi Station

12 minute walk from the JR/Shieichikatetsu Sakuragicho Station
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