Hotel Gajoen Tokyo, a museum hotel decorated with 2500 Japanese paintings and  artworks

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo, located in Meguro ward, has over 90 years of history under its belt and is a unique museum hotel with Japanese traditional artworks throughout the entire premises. All guest rooms are suites and over 80 sqm in size. The luxurious and comfortable rooms are popular among travelers, both domestic and international. Read below about the most interesting spots you can see in Hotel Gajoen Tokyo.

Hyakudan Kaidan-The Hundred Stairs –

Hyakudan Kaidan, which means 100 step staircase, has been designated as a tangible cultural property by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Built in 1935, it is the only wooden structure of the Hotel Gajoen Tokyo. Seven rooms, where meals and festive banquets were held at that time, are connected by a 99-step long staircase corridor. Each room has a different theme and depicts the beautiful world created by one of the most prominent artists of the time.

Highlights of the each room

Here are the highlights of rooms connected by Hyakudan Kaidan. Some of the rooms are named after the artists who decorated them.

The Jippo Room

The first room of Hyakudan Kaidan is the Jippo Room, decorated with mother-of-pearl work and four seasons of flowers and birds. The large alcove post on the right side of the room is made of Latin American timber that was laid on the bottom of the cotton importing ship as ballast. It is said that the founder recognized the high quality of the wood and purchased it solely to use for the construction of the former Meguro Gajoen.

The Gyosho Room

In the Gyosho Room, you will find an impressive carving made from a single piece of 300-year old tree about 60 cm in diameter. The carvings on the pillars are based on a famous Chinese theme called the Dialogue of the Fisherman and the Woodcutter. The left-hand pillar depicts spring, sea and sitting fisherman, while the right-hand pillar depicts autumn, mountains and standing woodcutter. Every element of each sculpture contrasts an element in the other. Enjoy its view together with the ceiling!

The Seisui Room

The Seisui Room is less spacious than the other chambers, but if you look at the ceiling, you will be enchanted by the beauty of the many colorful fans painted on it.

The Seikou Room

All paintings on the ceiling and sliding screen depict auspicious fruits that symbolise a good harvest.

The other chambers include the Soukyu Room, the Kiyokata Room and the Summit Room, decorated with beautiful seasonal flowers and plants, elaborate sliding screens, and many other auspicious motifs.

Maneki no Daimon-Great Gate of Fortune-

Maneki no Daimon is located on the way to the hotel building of Hotel Gajoen Tokyo. The gate is adorned with a ridge-decorated copper roof, a symbol of marriage. On the left side, there is an old wood board that was used to decorate the former Meguro Gajoen. The illuminated path leads to the back of the building.

Gorgeous bathrooms

While staying at the hotel, walk through the Daimon gate to see the bathroom on the first floor.

Pass through the gorgeous entrance that doesn’t look like a bathroom to find yourself in front of the mural made of mother-of-pearl, known as raden in Japanese. Raden-zaiku, which was also used for the Hyakudan Kaidan, is a decorative technique using the lustrous inner surface of shellfish. You will be amazed to see the glittering scrollwork patterns of this masterpiece.

Inside, a bridge leads to the private chambers. Like the entrance, vermillion-colored doors are decorated with beautiful mother-of-pearl inlay patterns, and the ceiling is lined with paintings of beautiful women. The chambers are spacious, and together with the interior create a welcoming atmosphere for the pleasant stay. You can experience Japanese culture just by visiting a restroom!

An elegant garden

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo features a Japanese garden with beautiful greenery and waterfalls.

The pond comes alive with many beautiful carps, a symbol of good luck and longevity. Take a walk along the waterfall to experience a traditional Japanese atmosphere.


Hotel Gajoen Tokyo is home to many pieces of artwork that are not mentioned in the article. Visit it to appreciate the ever-lasting beautiful art and beautiful spots, especially the cultural assets of Hyakudan Kaidan.

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo also offers a Gajoen Art Tour for In-house guests to introduce the best artworks of the hotel. If you are planning to stay, please contact the hotel for more information.


Address 8-1, Shimomeguro 1-chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0064, Japan
Transportation By train:
Three minutes’ walk from the Meguro Station (on the JR Yamanote Line, Tokyu Meguro Line, Subway Nanboku Line, Mita Line)
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