Kanji Lounge, a Japanese calligraphy service to convert a name or text to kanji and deliver overseas

Kanji Lounge, a Japanese calligraphy service to convert a name or text to kanji and deliver overseas

Mastering Japanese is not without its hurdles. One of the reasons is three types of writing systems in Japanese: hiragana, katakana, and kanji, often used in a mixed way. Although it is the same Japanese language, origins and history are different. Kanji are originally coming from Chinese, and are ideograms, i.e. each character has its own meaning and corresponds to a word, with many kanji having the same pronunciation. Indeed, Japanese kanji are really cool!
In this article, we will introduce calligraphy artist Matsun from Kanji Lounge, which provides a kanji delivery service to overseas customers.


About Kanji Lounge

Originally, Matsun was working at a guest house in Kyoto. The Kanji Lounge idea was born out of the service where guest house guests could write the name, choose a kanji that corresponds to its pronunciation, and have it written on a postcard. Currently, they are developing services for calligraphy and kanji at the online store.

Kanji Lounge handles a wide range of kanji-related requests, including writing specific kanji, kanji with a particular meaning and designing kanji tattoos. For example, when requesting the name written in kanji, Kanji lounge helps customers to select kanji meaning and outlook from the list. It took 3 months for Matsun to hand-write this extensive kanji list.

You can place your order online. Postcards are the most popular items requested.


Matsun takes care of each order, from detailed consultation and request handling to after-sales support. This is a perfect way to enjoy Japanese hospitality in its best. If you think that Japanese and kanji are difficult, you can change your opinion after using the Kanji Lounge service and enjoying its outcome.

Kanji Lounge
Official website: https://www.kanjilounge.com/
Online Store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/KanjiLounge
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanji_lounge/

Kanji Lounge